PROWrite Professional Writing Services

In the digital world, one of the most important maxims is that “Content Is King”.Content is king! The best small business marketing, the finest websites, the most effective social media campaigns all have one thing in common: great content.

Search engines reward informative, relevant, and current content will great organic search rankings. And prospects love well-written, engaging content.

But great content takes time, and you’ve got a business to run. That’s why we created PROWrite™, a convenient subscription service for all your content development needs.

A PROWrite subscription from Bent Oak offers a cost-effective and worry-free path to professional content you can weave throughout your small business marketing. We’ll design a plan that meets your specific content needs, for one low monthly fee. We write the content; you run your business.

PROWrite services include:

  • Content development…crisp, professional content for all your marketing needs. We’ll put together content that reflects your value proposition and brand, with a strong call to action.
  • SEO…trust us to do the technical work so your content is ranked highly by search engines
  • Source curation…our experts will find current and relevant material you’ll be proud to share
  • Media curation…content with media is much more likely to earn interaction
  • Scheduling…let us schedule content delivery for the most optimal times
  • Moderation…we know how to parse the spam from good leads

Our writers work with you to learn about your market, your competition, and your products & services. Then we craft compelling, effective content integrating your value proposition and calls to action.

We’ll apply expert SEO techniques to ensure your content earns good search ranking and can be easily found by your prospects.

Get started on the road to exceptional content. Get started with PROWrite today!