Small Business Social Media | What Are They Saying About Your Business?

Small Business Social Media | What Are They Saying About Your Business?

In our continuing series on small business social media, we wanted to ask if you knew what customers are saying about your company on social media (or on the web in general). If you don’t know, maybe you should. Here’s why.

Where They’re TalkingPeople-Talking

Making comments about product or service experiences on social media is common. That’s everything from complaining how long it took to get an order to go on Twitter, to using Instagram to ridicule poorly written instructions with an apt picture, to a long conversation among Facebook “friends” about their experiences shopping at a popular retail chain.

Clearly not knowing what’s being said about your firm in these venues is frustrating, if only from the standpoint of your business missing valuable feedback.

But when you consider the damage to your reputation that could be going on without your knowledge, a regular social media presence for your firm becomes a critical part of your small business marketing plan.

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icon-collageWhat They Could Be Saying

OK, we admit it, we wrote that a bit to scare you. But it is important to know what could happen.

While most social media applications have guidelines on content, there is certainly plenty of damage that can be done to a business well within those guidelines.

And, although there have been legal cases related to comments made on-line about goods & services, there is not yet a lot of legal precedent. It is hard to guess what could be said about your business and develop content to counter that.

Your best approach is a regular, active presence in small business social media.

What You Can Do About It

If this is the only reason you get your business regularly engaged in social media, then it is reason enough. By regular, relevant, and popular engagement, the voices of your supporters will easily drown out the naysayers.

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And, regularly monitoring social networks as part of a comprehensive small business social media plan will ensure you are aware as soon as possible when unfavorable content appears.

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