Small Business Social Media | So A 12-Year-Old Knows More Than You?

Small Business Social Media | So A 12-Year-Old Knows More Than You?

If you’re learning about social media from your kids, don’t feel badly. It’s caught many folks by surprise. But we’re here to bring you up to date because small business social media is a critical and growing part of small business marketing strategy.

The Basics of Small Business Social Mediacollage of social media icons

It’s important to understand what social media is, before learning how it can help your small business marketing. Social media networks are, at their most basic, ways of sharing information with others.

Some social networks like Facebook are very full-featured, offering the ability to make complex posts with text, graphics, links, and so on. (Some businesses even begin their web presence with a Facebook page alone, prior to launch of their website.) Others, like Twitter, limit the amount of content in some way or another (Twitter limits the length of tweets to 140 characters.) Still others, like Pinterest and Instagram, focus mainly on graphic content.

The power of small business social media is reach, the ability your business has to touch more customers.

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Developing A Small Business Social Media Plan

While social media can be very effective for small business marketing, you’ll want to carefully plan your social media engagement. Ask yourself:

  • Which customers am I trying to reach?
  • What do I plan to say to them?
  • What action do I want them to take?

Once you know this, you can begin to plan the content. Social media is very content-hungry.

Studies suggest that small business social media followers expect daily social media activity, if not more frequently.

You might be thinking: Wow! That’s thirty unique pieces per month, times each social network we’ll post on. You’re right.

While there are ways to curate and re-purpose content across social networks, you should be prepared to produce a lot of content in support of social media in your small business marketing.

Small business social mediaHow often should you post to Facebook?

Implementing Your Plan

As you prepare to implement your plan, remember that once you begin it, the power and effectiveness of your small business social media campaign will depend on a consistent presence.

While you can develop content in advance and use tools to schedule the postings, you will want to ensure that your messaging is consistent, cohesive with other parts of your digital marketing, and drives your prospects to take the action you want them to.

As you move further into social media, you’ll need to know more about how to market your business on each of the major social networks. Links to further information are shown below:

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Getting Help With Social MediaBunch of questions

Social media can be one of the greatest boosts your small business marketing has ever had, if done correctly. We find that many clients initially tried to run their small business social media marketing themselves, and found out that they simply didn’t have the time or resources to do it.

That’s where digital marketing agencies like ours come in. The experts at Bent Oak can do as much or as little as you need.

We can write, curate, and post the content for you, or just provide the copywriting services and you can post the content whenever you wish.

Give us a call today. We Know Small Business™.