Who We Aren’t

We’re not one of those traditional marketing agencies with posh downtown offices, but we offer every small business marketing service they do. We figure you’d rather pay for good marketing than leather couches, espresso machines, and workout rooms.

You won’t find any Porsches around here, in fact most of us ride our bikes or take transit to work.

Sometimes we’re impressed with our work (we hope you will be too), but we’re never impressed with ourselves. That’s just not us.

We’re also different than firms that offer a limited range of services. Sure, some can design a logo for you, others can craft a website, still others can help with your social media presence. Small business marketing is about all these pieces, but you’re left to choose between managing marketing projects and serving your customers. Let the experts at Bent Oak do what we do well, so you can do what you do well.

Our team is expert at coordinating the variety of activities that make up many small business marketing plans. We’ll do the marketing, and you can run your business.

We’re different than those guys who promise you a website for a few hundred dollars. They’ll deliver you a cookie cutter site that looks like every other one they’ve done. And, you’re on the hook for everything else. Branding, social media, blogging, maintenance of the site, that’s on you. Partner with Bent Oak: we’ll do all the small business marketing, and you can run your business.

Your business is unique. We’ll make sure that your website is too. It’ll tell prospects why they should do business with you, instead of your competitors. Get your website done right: come to Bent Oak.

At Bent Oak, we’re focused on small business marketing. We know your business and your customers are unique. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what makes your business different. We know marketing and We Know Small Business™!